Shay Wize

Shay Wize (11/11/1991) is a singer, songwriter and producer from Israel. Music has been his passion for as long as he can remember – Shay used to stay up late into listening to folk, rock and soul music on the radio. It was these night-time music sessions that would inspire much of Shay’s sound. For Shay, making music was always an outlet / escapism, and he never really made plans to release his music, until one fateful night, when he released one of his demos, and that opened a gate to a new world: Wize started to perform in different places around the world, he collaborated with well known musicians, and recorded his original songs.

Behind the sound

Wize collaborated with artists around the world to create his music, including phenomenon pianist Eldad Zitrin, The guitarist Yahel Doron from the famous folk rock duo Guy & Yahel, and the violinist Joni Fuller who works with well known producers who also produced Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Keane and more.

Shay’s sound draws inspiration from artists who embraced their individuality, such as The Verve, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Aerosmith, Evanescence, Johnny Cash..