Following the resounding success of his tracks, which garnered hundreds of thousands of streams and earned global recognition a few years back, Shay Wize is back with a profound Zionist message. Titled "Home," the song poignantly explores the yearning for home, the longing to return to the essence of security and love. Dedicated to the Israeli captives held in Gaza for nearly half a year, Wize masterfully encapsulates a Zionist ethos in a succinct yet impactful two minutes and nineteen seconds.

Three years ago, Shay Wize unveiled his debut album "Fairytales,"
which quickly gained traction within the indie music scene both domestically and internationally.
The album was crafted during a therapeutic journey, and in a spontaneous decision,
Wize opted to share his compositions with the world.
Today, his music has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music,
with several tracks even securing spots among the top 50 most sought-after indie songs on Shazam. Adding to Wize's musical repertoire is his composition "Home,"
for which he served as the writer, composer, and producer.
This time around, listeners can discern a slightly different musical style.
While his debut album predominantly featured live instruments,
including contributions from some of the most esteemed musicians nationally and globally—
such as Yehal Doron from the duo Guy and Yahel and the renowned violinist Jonny Fuller,
celebrated for his work on Hollywood movie soundtracks like "Cruella" and "Bird Box"—
the inclusion of electronic elements in "Home" suggests
an intriguing fusion between two musical realms,
offering a glimpse of what Wize's future releases may hold. In this song, alongside acoustic instruments, electronic elements are skillfully intertwined, hinting at an evolving sonic Israeli landscape.
At a time when some seek to challenge Israel's legitimacy through selective representation and extreme narratives, Wize deliberately opts to showcase the simple yet potent beauty of Israel in his music video—from the bustling city squares to the serene desert, from the verdant northern regions to the iconic Western Wall in Jerusalem.

שי וואייז, צילום: יח"צ

Bio: shay wize

Shay Wize, a singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer, is the son of Sarah and David Levy. He grew up in Rehovot with three sisters and one brother and currently resides in Rehovot. In 2011, he began writing his debut album "Fairytales," inspired by the conclusion of a challenging personal period. For his debut album's production, Wize enlisted renowned musicians from both Israel and around the world, including Yehal Doron from the duo Guy and Yahel, and British violinist Johnny Fuller, known for his collaborations with Phil Collins, Netflix, legendary producer Stuart Epps who produced Led Zeppelin and Oasis, and now known for his work on well-known Hollywood films like "Cruella" and "Bird Box."
In 2021, he officially released his album, receiving praise from critics in magazines worldwide. Within the first few months of the album's release, one of the songs from his debut album, "I Don't Believe in Love," reached the top 50 most searched songs on Shazam in the United States in cities such as Buffalo, Kansas City, and Seattle. It also reached the top 50 on Shazam in Frankfurt, one of the largest cities in Germany. The album "Fairytales" was sold in a limited edition, with half of its copies sold out before the official release.

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