Shay Wize is an independent singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Israel. Known for blending elements from various musical genres and experimenting with the structure and sound of pop music, Wize creates alternative music that seamlessly combines the best of all worlds.

His debut album “Fairytales” was released in February 2021, and has received widespread acclaim, with the hit single “I Don’t Believe In Love” reaching Shazam’s top 50 chart.

Fairytales” is the debut album of Shay Wize. The album’s concept revolves around a story of withdrawal from the idea of love as it is described to us in various fairy tales and by other media outlets. It showcases different kinds of absolute love and its repercussions.

Following his music idols, the album contains only live instruments in the recording. Participating musicians include musical phenomenon pianist Eldad Zitrin, guitarist Yahel Doron from Israeli rock duo Guy & Yahel, and violinist Joni Fuller, who has worked with several well-known producers that have produced for artists such as Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Keane, and many more.