From Tel Aviv, Shay Wize is a singer, producer and songwriter whose melodic songs, soulful voice and fresh approach have made him one of the most exciting new artists.

Shay describes his music single Fairytales as his first step of rehab from the need to achieve the idealistic love fed to us by fairy tales and media. 

Fairytales, inspired by the tragic story of the Princess of Wales, Diana, and from a true story of three women very close to him that were on a destructive and violent relationship. The three women’s relationships differed significantly from each other, but they had a common ground their knight in shining armor turned out to be the villain of their story. 

They were in a very dark place, and each one of them saved herself but left with a deep scar from the relationship.

“They trusted the wrong people and were detrimentally hurt because of it,” said Shay. “This experience inspired me to pen this song about understanding the necessity of losing our innocence in adulthood to survive and persist in this challenging world.

“Most of us know that there is a stage in life, where you conclude you need to live in a world ruled by realism over idealism, but there always will be a part of every single one of us inside our heart that won’t give up the idealistic world – and this is our best part. It doesn’t matter what our religion, our financial status, the color of our skin, our height, age, etc. We all want, deep inside, the same boundless love, and get our happily ever after.”

Fairytales features only live instruments and features collaborative musical elements from artists around the world, including violinist of Joni Fuller, who worked with Phil Collins, Stuart Epps’ musical producer, who produced Led Zeppelin, Oasis and more. 

Shay also collaborated with famous Israeli musicians, Yahel Doron and Eldad Zitrin.

The music album, also called Fairytales is due to release this year 2020. 

Shay’s unique sound comes from influences like The Verve, Kean, The Corrs, Oasis, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. 

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