The Israeli troubadour’s new gem searches for hidden beauty in daily struggles.

‘Travel’ is the first single from Shay Wize’s upcoming debut album “Fairytales,” scheduled for release in 2020. With a heart rending vocal melody gently floating over waves of acoustic guitar, it’s the kind of song that makes the listener’s whole world float away. Wize collaborated with artists around the world to create ‘Travel,’ including Phil Collins’ violinist Joni Fuller, and famous Israeli musicians Yahel Doron and Eldad Zitrin. With a video highlighting the natural beauty of Iceland, Ireland, and Hawaii, the song transcends borders and languages with a truly global appeal.

“I wrote ‘Travel’ after a challenging period of time,” Wize explains. “I hope the song will help more people to feel free, even for a brief moment, from their daily routine. I want to help them breathe and let go of all the demons and pressures that are imprisoned in the head and intensify day by day. ” With his soothing voice and a gift for comforting songwriting, Wize is an artist who can make you forget yourself for a few minutes at a time.

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